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Traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Served with fresh
bean sprouts, basil, jalapenos, and fresh cut lime.
Super Bowl add an additional $ 3.00

*Consuming raw or undercook meat
will increase your risk of food borne illness.

21. Pho Dac Biet*.....$17
Combinations of rare beef, well-done beef, tripe, tendon and meatballs.

22. Pho Tai*.....$16
Rare Beef noodle soup.

23. Pho Chin.....$16
Well-done beef noodle soup.

24. Pho Tai Chin*.....$16
Rare beef and well done beef noodle soup.

25. Pho Bo Vien.....$16
Beef meatballs noodle soup.

26. Pho Tai Bo Vien*.....$16
Rare beef and meatballs noodle soup.

27. Pho Seafood.....$18
Salmon and shrimp noodle soup.

28. Pho Ga.....$16
Chicken noodle soup.

29. Pho Bo Kho.....$18
Beef brisket cooked in beef stew broth with carrots and white onions,
served with rice noodles.

30. Kid’s Meal (under 10yrs old only).....$11
Choices of beef or chicken pho in small size, served with a choice
of soft drink.